About Kry

About KRY

  • About us

    Kry is a digital health service that offers psychologist and doctor consultations by video as well as providing home tests. With Kry you can get in touch with a doctor or psychologist, when and where it suits you. Autumn of 2020, we also opened our first test station for Covid-19 located at Ensjø in Oslo.

    On Kry's website you will find several medical articles on a number of health problems. Here you can read about symptoms of various health problems, prevention and how Kry doctors can assist.

    Our mission is to build a better and more accessible health service by digitizing health care and providing patients with the highest quality treatment, no matter where and when they may need it.

  • Opening hours

    Doctors appointment

    You can book a doctor's appointment every day between 07.00-22.00. This includes weekends and red days. You choose whether you want to book a drop-in hour or hour at a specific time that suits you.


    Psychology appointment

    You can book a psychologist appoitment at specific times between 07.00-22.00 Monday to Sunday.

  • Which doctors work at Kry?

    Kry is a medical technology solution that works with healthcare professionals that provide healthcare through the service. All doctors working for Kry have Norwegian authorization and good and extensive experience from special general medicine is required. Doctors work part-time at Kry. In addition, most people work as general practitioners, medical doctors or hospital doctors. All the doctors are also trained by Kry to best serve you through a video meeting.

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Prescriptions and referrals

Prescriptions and referrals

  • Can I get a prescription at KRY?

    During the consultation:

    Yes, you can get a prescription on medicine just like in a regular doctor's office. We can also help you with prescription renewals for any regular medicines. However, where possible, we recommend that you visit your regular doctor for this.

    As a rule, we do not prescribe prescriptions for more than 3 months. at a time.

    In order to provide proper health care, we will ask for consent to see what other medicines you have received in the past. This can be seen by referring to the "prescription list" (Reseptformidleren), which is the electronic database for all e-prescriptions. Without the consent from you, we will not be able to write a prescription.

    However, please note that our doctors at KRY do not write prescription on the following:

    • addictive medicines (so-called A and B preparations)
    • Pregabalin (-Lyrica) and Gapapentin
    • medicines that require close follow-up of by a General Practitioner or hospital
    • medicines that require physical examinations / sampling prior to prescribing

    Note that many sleep medications and painkillers are addictive and will not be prescribed by our service.


    Order prescription renewal:

    Under the home tab of the app, you'll find our service prescription renewal. There you can renew a prescription through our doctors without booking an appointment with video consultation.

    Normally we will handle your request within two hours within our regular opening hours.

    If we can not renew your prescription, you will get your money back.

    You can only order one prescription renewal at a time.

    If you wish to renew more prescriptions at the same time, we recommend that you order a video consultation with one of our doctors. The price will then be as an ordinary appointment 350 NOK. 

    In some cases, you will be notified that the doctor needs more information and you are advised to book a video meeting. This costs 350 NOK

    At KRY, we can help you to renew prescriptions for medicines that your child uses.


    We do not offer prescription renewal on the following medicines:

    Medicines that you have not obtained from pharmacies during the last 15 months.

    Drugs that are potentially addictive (so-called a- and b- preparations)

    Drugs commonly used in limited periods (eg antibiotics)

    Medicines that require specialists follow u-up.


  • Can I get my prescription at any pharmacy?

    Yes, you can pick up your prescription at any pharmacy in Norway.

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Medical certificates

Medical certificates

  • Medical certificate of absence from school

    Medical certificate of absence from school In case of acute, non-serious illness, our doctors can write absence certificates for students in high school, college or university.

    We do not guarantee that you will receive a certificate by contacting us. This is done after a medical evaluation by the doctor. The certificate applies only to acute, current illness, and applies from the same day you contact and max 1-5 days.

    In case of chronic illness, need for exemption from gymnastics or similar activities, as well as illness at the exam or other school examinations, please contact your GP. Before consultation, you must have a credential ID ready, as the doctor will ask about this. If your doctor considers you are so ill that you have to seek out a GP or a doctor, the doctor will not write a certificate.

    In case of acute, non-serious illness, our doctors can write absence certificates for
    students in high school, college or university. We do not guarantee that you will receive
    a certificate by contacting us. This is done after a medical evaluation by the doctor.
    The certificate applies only to acute, current illness, and applies from the same day you
    contact and max 1-5 days.


  • Other medical certificates

    As a general rule, we do not offer medical certificates for other than school absence. An exception is the need for a medical certificate upon cancellation of travel. Note that booking with us does not guarantee that you will be given a certificate, but will be done after a medical assessment.

    Certificates we DO NOT offer include - but not complementary:
    - certificate of exemption for health protection exercises
    - doctor's statements for receiving public services and support
    - driver's license certificate, offshore certificate, seaman's certificate and the like (certificates that       require physical examination)

  • Sick leave

    NAV and KRY disagree with the interpretation of the Folketrygdens rules regarding sick leave via video consultation. Until the case is resolved, unfortunately we can not provide sick leave via our service. We want to offer sick leave to our patients and will therefore work to find a solution.

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Prices, bookings and cancellation

Prices, bookings and cancellation

  • Prices

    Video consultation with a doctor costs NOK 375 for adults and children.

    It is free for everyone with If and Vertikal Helseforsikring. This also applies to their children under 18 years of age.


    Prescription and prescription renewal
    Prescribing medications you have not used before requires a video consultation and costs NOK 375.

    In many cases, renewing existing prescriptions does not require a video consultation. In those cases, it costs NOK 275 for adults and children. Renewal of certain medicines may, however, require that a video consultation before the doctor prescribes. In those cases, it will cost NOK 375.

    Prescription, both new and existing, is free of charge for everyone with If and Vertikal Helseforsikring. This also applies to their children under 18 years of age.


    A video meeting with a psychologist costs NOK 1,095 for 45 minutes.

    Psychologist meetings are not included in the insurance package for patients with If and Vertikal Helseforsikring.

  • Will I receive a receipt for my meeting at KRY?

    Yes, your order confirmation is valid as a receipt.

  • What happens if I forget or get late for the meeting?

    Then you will unfortunately not get your money back.

  • Rescheduling and cancellation

    Doctors appointment

    Book an appointment
    Ordering a doctor's appointment takes place in the Kry app. You choose whether you want to order drop-in hour or hour at a specific time.

    Change or cancel appointment
    If you have booked a doctors appointment  at a specific time, you can change or cancel it in the Kry app no later than 1 hour before the appointment starts. When you cancel your appointment, you will automatically get your money back. Refund takes between 1-7 business days.

    In which cases can the amount be refunded?
    Completed medical appointments are not reimbursed. In cases where the doctor is more than 30 minutes late for the agreed appointment *, you can get a refund. This only applies to appointment that have been booked at least one day in advance.

    If you have paid for a doctor's appointment that could not be completed due to technical problems, you can get the amount refunded by contacting support@kry.no.

    * Valid only at appointment booket at a spesific time, not drop-in.

    Psychology appointment  

    Booking an appointment
    Ordering a psychologist appointment takes place at the Kry app or Kry's website. Appointments can booked no later than the day in advance.

    Change or cancel appointment
    Booked appointment can be changed and canceled at Kry no later than 24 hours before the appointment. You will automatically be refunded the amount if you cancel the appointment. Refund takes between 1-7 business days. Appointment that are not canceled will not be refunded.

    Cancellation takes place on the same page as you booked the hour. You log in to the booking page, then Your page and press the hour. At the bottom left, it says "Cancel agreement". If you want to change the class, you must first cancel the class, as instructed, and then book a new class.

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Record keeping

Record keeping

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Information Security

Information security

  • Is that safe?

    All data traffic on KRY, including video feed traffic, is protected by encryption.
    The doctors who work for KRY log in with their own ID card, which ensures their identity.

  • How is my information stored?

    The information about time agreements is treated as sensitive information according to The Personal Data Act and the Patient Safety Act. Video conferences on KRY will not be recorded and is not documented beyond the doctor's notes in your journal, just as usual doctor visits. For more information about how your personal information is processed we refer to the Terms of Use.

  • What is the GDPR




    • What is the GDPR and what does this mean for me?


    GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, which is a new, European-wide law that regulates how companies and organisations are allowed to handle the personal data of EU-residents. The GDPR comes into effect on 25 May 2018.  

    Don’t you worry, this will not affect your use of KRYs services - your account with KRY will work just as usual! However, you are given the right to influence how your personal data is used. Your rights are described in detail in our integrity policy.



    • What is meant by “personal data”?


    Personal data is any information relating to an identifiable individual. It can identify you as an individual directly or indirectly (i.e. in combination with other information) and  can include name, identification number, location data, or other factors specific to the physical, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of the person.



    • How does KRY handle my personal data? What type of security do you have?


    Our goal is to always provide you with high quality healthcare and in order for us to do so, we collect personal data from you, as described above. Access to your data is restricted to the people providing you with the healthcare, or as part of our ongoing quality assurance and product development. We safeguard your personal data and here at KRY wee constantly work with assuring the security of our systems. We do this by utilizing a combination of in-house experts, automatic and manual testing and regular audits by independent third parties.



    • What kind of personal data does KRY handle about me?


    We handle basic contact details, such as name, address, personal identification number and phone number. We also process medical data, submitted by you, and retrieved from other caregivers with your consent.



    • So, where do you store my personal data?


    KRY store the majority of the personal data in our purpose built secure system. This system is hosted on servers provided by a third party that acts as data processor to us, located within the EU (primarily on Ireland).


    • Does this mean you send my data outside of Sweden or / the EU?


    We do not store any of your sensitive personal data (such as data relating to your health) outside of the EU. Occasionally, some of your personal data might be processed by our partners outside of EU. If personal data is transferred to our partners outside of the EU, such transfer will only be conducted on the condition that the transfer is legal under applicable data protection laws.


    • For how long do you store my personal data?


    When it comes to medical personal data, there are patient safety legislations that requires us to keep medical records for a certain period of time.


    Non-medical personal data will only be kept as long as necessary in order for us to provide the services in a satisfactory manner to you, in accordance with the GDPR, and other applicable legislation.



    • I would like to be “forgotten” and that you remove all my personal data from your systems. How do I go about it, how is this done and how long will it actually take?


    When you are a patient, then most of your personal data processed by us is of medical character. In accordance with patient safety legislation medical records must be kept for a certain period of time, in accordance with applicable national legislation, and the right to be forgotten is not covered by that legislation.


    However, when it comes to other personal data such as data provided when you signed into the KRY app (excluding any personal data that we are under an obligation to store under mandatory law, relating to your health), you are always free to contact our support function at privacy@kry.se and we will assist you with your requests.


    If you request to be forgotten, non-medical data will be removed from our systems as quickly as possible but no later than within thirty (30) days as of your request. We will notify you in writing and confirm which personal data has been erased and as per which date.



    • If I have further questions regarding personal data processing by KRY, who should I contact?


    You are always welcome to contact us at privacy@kry.se. We will do our best to contact and assist you with your query within short.

  • Who can see my responses from the symptom check before consultation?

    It is only the doctor who treats you who has access to your answers. Before the meeting the doctor want to go through your answers to prepare for the meeting.

  • Who should I contact for possible complaints?

    If you are not satisfied with the services or you are dissatisfied with the way you were met, then we would like you to share your views with us. Contact us directly at KRY, support@kry.no, with as thorough explanation as possible about why you are dissatisfied so that we can help you in the best way. Our healthcare professionals are subject to Norwegian regulations. You can therefore contact the Patient Ombudsman or County Governor in your county.

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Technical questions

Technical questions

  • What kind of equipment and software do I need to use KRY?

    KRY’s app is available on iOS (v.15.0 or later) and updating minimum Android (v.8.0).

    You also need a Norwegian personal number, BankID / Mobile BankID to log in and good internet connection.

  • What do I do if the KRY app doesn't work or the doctor doesn't call?

    Make sure your operating system on your phone / tablet is supported by KRY's app (see specifications above) and check that you have working internet.

    You can also try updating the KRY app in the app store or Google Play and restart app.

    If the doctor is not calling you in the KRY app, being interrupted in a video meeting or waiting a lot longer than expected, it is often due to poor network or having an older version of the KRY app. Below are some good tips on how this can be solved.

    Try this:

    • Update the KRY app in the App Store or Google Play by deleting the app and downloading it again
      Make sure you have a fast and stable internet or 4G

    • Allow notifications from the KRY app, check that you have done this under "Alerts" in Settings on your mobile

    • Allow the KRY app to access microphone / audio and camera on your mobile, this is asked when the KRY doctor contacts via the app

    • Move to another location, the internet quality may vary from room to room

    • Book a new appointment - if you are unable to speak to the KRY doctor due to technical problems, please feel free to book a new hour and contact support to get a refund for the first hour



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KRY Support

KRY Support

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