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Can I get a prescription at KRY?

During the consultation:

Yes, you can get a prescription on medicine just like in a regular doctor's office. We can also help you with prescription renewals for any regular medicines. However, where possible, we recommend that you visit your regular doctor for this.

As a rule, we do not prescribe prescriptions for more than 3 months. at a time.

In order to provide proper health care, we will ask for consent to see what other medicines you have received in the past. This can be seen by referring to the "prescription list" (Reseptformidleren), which is the electronic database for all e-prescriptions. Without the consent from you, we will not be able to write a prescription.

However, please note that our doctors at KRY do not write prescription on the following:

  • addictive medicines (so-called A and B preparations)
  • Pregabalin (-Lyrica) and Gapapentin
  • medicines that require close follow-up of by a General Practitioner or hospital
  • medicines that require physical examinations / sampling prior to prescribing

Note that many sleep medications and painkillers are addictive and will not be prescribed by our service.


Order prescription renewal:

Under the home tab of the app, you'll find our service prescription renewal. There you can renew a prescription through our doctors without booking an appointment with video consultation.

Normally we will handle your request within two hours within our regular opening hours.

If we can not renew your prescription, you will get your money back.

You can only order one prescription renewal at a time.

If you wish to renew more prescriptions at the same time, we recommend that you order a video consultation with one of our doctors. The price will then be as an ordinary appointment 350 NOK. 

In some cases, you will be notified that the doctor needs more information and you are advised to book a video meeting. This costs 350 NOK

At KRY, we can help you to renew prescriptions for medicines that your child uses.


We do not offer prescription renewal on the following medicines:

Medicines that you have not obtained from pharmacies during the last 15 months.

Drugs that are potentially addictive (so-called a- and b- preparations)

Drugs commonly used in limited periods (eg antibiotics)

Medicines that require specialists follow u-up.


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