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Sick leave

You can get sick leave up to 7 days after the doctor's assessment. Please note the following:

  1. The sick leave is sent electronically and goes automatically  to NAV, employer and you.
  2. You must contact us on the same day you have sick leave. We can not backdate sick leave. Remember that you can also use your self-certification for the first 3 days.
  3. You receive a maximum of 1 sick leave per 3 months via KRY
  4. If you need to extend a sick leave received by someone other than KRY, you must contact those who gave you the first sick leave. We do not extend sick leave written by another healthcare professional
  5. Work Incapacity for example social or economic issues and such do not entitle you to sickness benefits under Folketrygdloven $ 8-4. In KRY, we must relate to this, and therefore do not write sick leave in such cases.
  6. We do not write sick leave in case of absence due to sick child or babysitters's illness


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