What can I use KRY for?

  • Can I use KRY for all medical problems?

    No, it's not advisable to use KRY if:

    • You have a symptom / problem that requires physical examination, laboratory tests or
    • You need drug-classified or addictive drugs (so-called A and B preparations). You will not be able to get a prescription for such medicines via KRY.
    • You must start with a treatment that requires long term and regular contact with a doctor
    • You have ear infection, throat inflammation that must be treated with antibiotics, pneumonia or bronchitis. These conditions require physical examination or laboratory tests, which we do not currently offer via KRY.

    If you are acute sick, call 113 or seek medical ER.

  • Can I use Kry for my child?

    Yes, you log in securely with your Bank ID, and register your child under your user profile. Under my profile and my family you can enter your child / children under 18 years.

    To book a meeting for your child, sign in with your Bank ID, click on book a meeting. Click if you order the meeting for yourself or your child. Choose which child needs to see a doctor and follow the instructions. Then choose the next available hour or later.

    Keep in mind that both you and your child must be involved in the consultation.

    If you are over 16 years old and have Bank ID, you can book your own meeting at Kry. 

  • Can I use kry when traveling abroad or elsewhere in Norway?

    Yes, you can be anywhere in the world and consult with a Norwegian doctor og psychologist via Kry
    as long as you have a good internet connection as well as support for video and audio on your data or
    mobile device.

  • Can I use free card at Kry?

    Since Kry is a private health service, free card is not valid at Kry.