Technical questions

  • What kind of equipment and software do I need to use KRY?

    KRY’s app is available on iOS (v.15.0 or later) and updating minimum Android (v.8.0).

    You also need a Norwegian personal number, BankID / Mobile BankID to log in and good internet connection.

  • What do I do if the KRY app doesn't work or the doctor doesn't call?

    Make sure your operating system on your phone / tablet is supported by KRY's app (see specifications above) and check that you have working internet.

    You can also try updating the KRY app in the app store or Google Play and restart app.

    If the doctor is not calling you in the KRY app, being interrupted in a video meeting or waiting a lot longer than expected, it is often due to poor network or having an older version of the KRY app. Below are some good tips on how this can be solved.

    Try this:

    • Update the KRY app in the App Store or Google Play by deleting the app and downloading it again
      Make sure you have a fast and stable internet or 4G

    • Allow notifications from the KRY app, check that you have done this under "Alerts" in Settings on your mobile

    • Allow the KRY app to access microphone / audio and camera on your mobile, this is asked when the KRY doctor contacts via the app

    • Move to another location, the internet quality may vary from room to room

    • Book a new appointment - if you are unable to speak to the KRY doctor due to technical problems, please feel free to book a new hour and contact support to get a refund for the first hour