• What is Kry and how do I book a meeting?

    Kry is a digital health service that offers psychologist and doctor consultations through video, as well as sending home tests. With Kry you can get in touch with a doctor or psychologist, when and where it suits you.

    Our mission is to build a better and more accessible health service by digitizing health care and providing patients with the highest quality treatment, no matter where and when they may need it.

  • Opening hours




    These opening hours also apply on  weekends and holidays

  • Which doctors work on KRY?

    KRY is a medical technology solution that works with healthcare professionals that provide healthcare through the service. All doctors working for KRY have Norwegian authorization, and good and extensive experience from special general medicine is required. Doctors work part-time at KRY. In addition, most people work as general practitioners, medical doctors or hospital doctors. All the doctors are also trained by KRY to best serve you through a video meeting.